Richard Franklin: Performance & Body Composition

Richard Franklin Project 200m


This is me, on a home straight in 2021 aged 39..

25 years ago I ran a PB & School Record of 23.7s for the 200m – keeping me as City Champ for the 3rd year running.


I’m looking to recreate this form … 😬

I know, right, here’s the thing though – it may look/sound/be unrealistic but imagine the benefits gained from having a go.

So where was I starting?

January 2021:Body Composition & Speed

– 228lbs; post Sumo Deadlift 1RM phase of training so I was stacked with muscle and also a fair amount of BF.

Richard Franklin Sumo Deadlift 170kg at 230lbs

I set myself a target of 42lbs to shift.. I’m at 28lbs & that’s enough for now.. I’m lean & fast with no real scope to restrict any food or add any further activity 🙂

– 200m: how long does it take me nowadays?

January 21 > 38s

February 21 > 35.6s ..

March 21 > 34.9s ..

April 21 > 31.3s ..

May 21 > None Recorded

June 21 > 28.7s

July 21 > None Recorded

August 21 > 26.5s


Where am I now?

50m > 9.6s

100m > 13.6s

150m > 22.6s

200m > 26.5s

400m > 62s

8 months in 👌🏻

Just getting started


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