Personal Training

  • Experience!

    Richard has the T-shirt. His clients range from young children to teenagers to adults in later life, all with varying abilities and goals. He has banked approximately 4000 hours 121 personal training time.

  • Online Option

    Personalised support can be seamlessly delivered online via video call. You just need some basic kit at home.

Designed To Help You Succeed

Client Focused

I work closely with all my clients to ensure they can train at an optimum level and within their capabilities. I currently work with people aged 11 to 75, with males and females, the super fit and those who want to make some changes! It's so important that each client has their own personal training experience.


Your training 'prescription' will be specific to your current fitness levels and your goals. The session will follow a structure pertinent to your goals which could involve strength, power or endurance.

..But Not Boring!

We'll always have some variations in the sessions and session structure varies between clients, being tailored to suit them and where they want to get to. There is always a pulse raiser with mobility work then dynamic stretching to set the foundation for the session.


Not the type of resistance you might be feeling now about giving me a call and getting started!
We will use good resistance where appropriate to strengthen your muscles safely and take advantage of the wide range of movement we have as humans.


Richard definitely deserves a 5* recommendation. I came to him having not participated in any form of exercise for many years. My goal was initially to run 5k non-stop. Which not only have I achieved but I am now well on way to running 10k. Each session is well planned and the exercises are varied, so keeping me from getting bored. Ritchie always treats me with respect. He now knows me well enough to push me a bit harder and take me out of my comfort zone when necessary. Ritchie also has been helping me to lose weight. The advice and encouragement has been brilliant. I am now eating more and still losing weight. When I've been ready to throw the towel in and eat a donut, he's been there with a firm word to keep me on target! Anyone who is thinking about getting a personnel trainer. Just do it and do it with Richard.


Running development plans are spot on, smashing my PB's every month. 33 years old and the fittest I've ever been and consistently getting better thanks to Richie's help. Highly recommended.

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