Terms and Conditions

Hi, I hope by this stage you are looking to get in touch & discuss the possibility of us working together. If you have any questions after reading my terms & conditions please drop me a line. I’d be happy to answer any questions.



Face to face Personal Training

• Booking individual sessions is not available. To allow me to plan accordingly I will require sessions to be booked in on a monthly basis & paid for in advance. A cancellation policy will be applied*. This also means that all payments are made via BACS into a specified account or via the website shop (Stripe)

• Block bookings that go beyond 1 month will follow a session frequency expiration date**

• Block of 10 as per website shop

• Block of 20 as per website shop

Online Personal Training

• 8 x30 minute Zoom sessions per month with supplementary sessions

• Booked monthly & paid for in advance

• Price as per website shop

Nutrition Coaching

• Each programme is now at least 26 weeks long with 13 remote (Zoom) sessions to be conducted. A FitBit is supplied for you to keep.

• This programme is delivered online only. If a face to face appointment is deemed necessary & requested at any stage. The face to face appointment can be conducted at my home office in Heswall.

• Price as per website shop


*I do not follow a typical 24 hour cancellation policy any more, life happens & I am keen for you to receive the services you have paid for. If you cannot attend a session then we will reschedule for another time in that month. This may mean a couple of sessions close together but I will programme accordingly to ensure you are not being unnecessarily fatigued. If I am unable to attend our session then the same rule applies. For both parties any extended periods of absence will be looked at on an individual case basis.

**If you follow a set frequency of sessions 2 per week, then your block booking of 10 sessions would have a 5 week expiration.

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