Triathlon Coaching

  • British Triathlon Coach

    Richard is a keen triathlete and a British Triathlon registered coach.

  • Online Option

    Personalised support can be delivered online using a training app and Richard's remote nutrition programme

Multi Sport is Different!

Structure is Key

We'll work in structured blocks of sport-specific training and I will synchronise the required fuel to help your performance & recovery.

Peak on Race Day!

You will be prescribed a periodised training and nutrition plan that will drive your performance towards race day.

Weekly Review

Each week we will review via Skype or FaceTime to ensure the following week's training is set appropriately.

Not Just Training!

Your nutrition plan will follow your training plan to allow for sufficient fuelling for performance but also allow for any body composition goals.



“I have struggled with previous Duathlons particularly on my second run. So I explained my problems to Richie, he asked me to do a weeks food diary along with my training programme and straight away he noticed that I was very short on my calorie intake and more important certain food groups. Richie set a new calorie target to incorporate the food groups that I was lacking in, I have since been following his advise and feel I have so much more energy, my training has been much improved, i have since qualified for the 2020 GB age group duathlon championships but more importantly for me I finished first in my age group and felt great at the end of the race, Nutrition was certainly a key factor for me. Highly recommend Richie .”

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