Richard Franklin: Healthy Weight….

Nope… It’s Healthy BODY COMPOSITION My Dad has asked me to do a quick questionnaire on ‘healthy weight’ for an article. Here’s my take;   “As a nutrition professional, how would you define ‘healthy weight’?  You can only define a healthy body-weight if you think about the sum of its parts. Body-weight is broken down […]

Richard Franklin: Client Ultra-Marathon Preparation

  The Brief… 6 Days / 385KM / 17500M Elevation  Experienced Runner  Post Injury 12 Weeks Prep   We do you start?   Nutrition – Strength & Conditioning – Recovery   With the Nutrition you start with the essentials; Sleep Hydration  Daily Calorie Requirements Luckily sleep wasn’t difficult but there was a need to refocus […]

Richard Franklin: Performance & Body Composition

  This is me, on a home straight in 2021 aged 39.. 25 years ago I ran a PB & School Record of 23.7s for the 200m – keeping me as City Champ for the 3rd year running.   I’m looking to recreate this form … 😬 I know, right, here’s the thing though – […]

Richard Franklin: Coaching The Individual.1

  Hi, Welcome to my first blog/story/client journal, whatever it is. Welcome 🙂 Below is the text used in one of my recent (rare) Instagram posts. Nothing too controversial, although looking at the image below you wouldn’t be blamed for immediately misinterpreting the post. We have three images of Ceri. One is lean & fit, […]

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