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Hi, Welcome to my first blog/story/client journal, whatever it is. Welcome 🙂

Below is the text used in one of my recent (rare) Instagram posts. Nothing too controversial, although looking at the image below you wouldn’t be blamed for immediately misinterpreting the post.

We have three images of Ceri. One is lean & fit, the next is leaner & fit, the last one is even more leaner & still fit (please, when I say ‘fit’ I mean in the physically-capable-of-endurance sports ‘fit’)

What is my point? There is nothing wrong with the first image ‘lean & fit’. Image 3 starts to ring alarm bells.

I coach the individual 

Read on to see what we did


Rich 🙂


A #healthyobsession turned into an #unhealthyobsession.. How do you turn it around back to a healthy obsession?⁣

⁣How did image 3 below happen & why was I bothered?⁣

⁣- Excessive calorie deficit, up to 1200 per day, everyday #Unsustainable⁣

– Training excessively, up to 3 times per day, everyday #Unrealistic ⁣

– Tracking daily consumption with ZERO flexibility on calories & macros allowed #Unhealthy ⁣

⁣… If all of the above carries on for too long then the potential for serious health issues increases. ⁣

⁣Luckily I know Ceri very well so I was able to approach. ⁣

⁣We agreed action needed to be taken so we did the following;⁣

⁣- Agreed that her #BF% was bordering on dangerous levels⁣

– Agreed that tracking to the gram & rationing certain foods was unnecessary ⁣

– Agreed that we needed to increase her daily calories across the board from all #MACROS⁣

– Agreed that eating out or being presented with a pizza is no reason for tears ⁣

⁣* We tracked food for an agreed 2 further weeks purely to make sure we were getting the correct levels of protein in. ⁣

⁣* We regularly discussed moods & energy levels in relation to the extra calories & we used the scales to ensure overall bodyweight was increasing whilst managing the emotional response to the scales. ⁣

⁣Nutshell; ⁣Over the course of approx 4 weeks we added 4mm of Skin-Fold Measurements & increased circumferences around her chest, glutes & thigh by 4cm which is a nice, steady response to the change in nutrition. ⁣

⁣Ceri is still lean & strong with no further need to track food & has a healthy BF% ⁣

⁣She trains a reasonable amount without any guilt added if she misses a session. ⁣

⁣AND …. She eats what she wants ?⁣


Richard Franklin shows a client how understanding your body's needs helps you plan a healthy diet for optimum body shape and peak performance

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