• Qualified Advice

    Richard is passionate about nutrition and is a qualified Precision-Nutrition Coach. You'll definitely benefit from his knowledge of how  nutrition plays the main role in any goal sought, whether that be fitness or body composition.

  • Online Option

    Your personalised nutrition support can all be delivered online using Richard's remote nutrition programme. Developed over the last five years, it deals with the real issues that dictate body composition

You're in Control!


I'll help you develop a sustainable, positive approach to food that enables you to manage your body composition easily without the use of fad diet protocols.


Your coaching will emphasise the importance of habit changes that bring about a positive relationship with food. This will allow you to eat intuitively. This is so empowering when you realise that you have control of your body composition.


We will use your current body composition and activity levels to work out your optimum calorie requirement. A Fitbit will be supplied for the duration of the programme to allow us to closely monitor energy expenditure.

Keeping in Touch

Every week we will review your food choices, step data & measurements to ensure we are progressing towards your weekly & monthly goals.



After completing the 13 week nutrition course with Rich I couldn't recommend this guy highly enough! he has helped me develop a healthy relationship with food and it was easier than I thought it was going to be! He's been there with advice and a telling off when needed!! I feel fitter and healthier than I have done in years, with my development in the gym and at running being an added bonus. his encouragement and passion for protein has been amazing!



Training with Rich is brilliant, he is able to plan tough, challenging sessions to get me to my goals. He has taught me loads about what I'm able to achieve and push me to go further in a friendly, supportive manner. I initially started training with Rich on a new client offer and happily signed up for at least a further two months after that. I have achieved so much in those first two months, cant wait to see what i can achieve in the next two!!! Anyone considering trying PT sessions please give Rich a try, it'll be the best thing you ever do!!!!

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