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Franklin Protein Image on Blog PostProtein is essential for growth and repair of the body and maintenance of good health. Convinced, no? Proteins are fundamental structural and functional elements within every cell of the body and are involved in a wide range of metabolic interactions. All cells and tissues contain protein.

More, yes?

I can totally understand why you’re not yet convinced.

Unfortunately, this is what guides us for the most part, please take a look;

The NHS report an obesity epidemic & looking at this, it’s no surprise. I’ll save BMI for another day….  

They advise all females should consume 2000 calories a day & all males should consume 2500 calories a day… Bonkers

Why do males get an extra 500 calories? Absolutely no idea.

Canada, thankfully, have created a Food Guide that makes sense and can be deciphered & applied practically with no real thought process, take a look;

They’ve also used pictures of real food rather than ‘Clip-Art’ from Windows 98… 

So, taking the sensible approach;

  • Have plenty of fruit & veg
  • Eat protein foods
  • Choose whole-grain foods
  • Make water your drink of choice 

If you do the above (within your daily calorie requirement) you will be lean, full of energy & strong – physically & mentally.

Chicken, eggs, pulses, steak, lentils, chick-peas, milk, turkey, salmon, nuts, yoghurt, venison, cod & peas..

None of this will do you any harm (unless you are allergic) 

Regardless of my extensive research, reading & qualifications, in my humble opinion (based on practical application with around 50 clients) I suggest you should consume between 0.75g & 1g of protein per 1lb of body weight every day, consistently.

With or without exercise you will be in control of your body composition. 

Weigh 150lbs

Between 112.5g & 150g per day

Weigh 180lbs?

Between 135g & 180g per day 

Weigh 280lbs?

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